The Casinos Cashiers Cage

Casinos, with all their flash and glitter, might appear to the first-time visitor to be laid out in a somewhat haphazard manner. Nothing could be further from the truth. Casino owners and managers are heavy-hitters, investing Big Bucks in a grim, hard-ball business. You better believe these moguls leave nothing to chance every step of the way, from the positioning of water fountains and restrooms to the location of the cashier's cage, to figuring out where the craps and blackjack tables will be, to the exact aisle space between the rows of the slot machines. (Notice the ample walking space in the rows of the half-dollar and dollar machines, both of which are positioned near the casino entrances.)

If you hit it big, big enough to cash in at least $5,000 in chips, find out if the casino cashier cage has a side entrance, where there are private booths where you can do your cash transactions away from the milling crowd. There you can request a "certified bundle"—an already-banded pack of fifty-$100 bills, initialed by the tellers. (When my chips count is not quite $5,000, I just add the necessary cash to my pile of chips to receive my neatly-banded certified bundle.) Two casinos in Atlantic City that have the private side entrance are Caesars and the Sands. There are others.

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